Birthday Party Info

“The Awesomest Party Ever!”
Daniels 9th Birthday Dune Buggy Driving Party.
Click the link below to read more, view photos and video of the party.

Party details, please read below!


The Baja Blast Party is also great for team parties and youth group activities.

  • The driving portion of the party can be either 30 or 60 minutes and your complimentary pavilion/table time is available for an additional 60 minutes after the riding time.
  • Choose 3, 4, or 5 buggies to reserve during your party ride time. The buggies you reserve are exclusive to your party!
  • All buggies have 2 seats. An adult and child or two kids may ride in the same buggy. Only one adult per buggy.
  • Unlimited amount of kids and parents! Leave no one out of the guest list our crew members make sure everyone has a great time and gets to drive!
  • On average we have about 12-18 kids for a 5 buggy 60 min birthday party.
  • Baja Blast parties are perfect 1st time drivers and experienced drivers. Speed is adjustable based on the skill of the driver.
  • The Baja Blast party starts with the driving portion and afterward your party has complimentary access to our covered pavilion/Table to eat, give presents, etc.
  • A birthday party pavilion complete with two 8ft picnic tables set together, electrical outlet, fans, located with good view near the track is reserved for your party to use during the entire party time including the ride time and 60min following your ride time.
  • Feel free to bring any food and beverages of your choice! We have spots for you to bring a grill, you can order pizza for delivery, or bring nothing at all! It’s completely up to you!
  • Rotating drivers, ensuring everyone is buckled-in, verbal driving instructions are given and assistance on the track when needed.
  • The Baja Crew takes care of all the work!
  • On party day please arrive 10-15 minutes early and begin setup at an available pavilion and a Baja crew member will assist with the remaining balance which is due on party day.
  • See the prices for your desired party below!

  • ________________________________________________________


  • 3 Buggy Blast Party.
    60 minutes ride time. = $225.00
    30 minutes ride time. = $112.00
  • 4 Buggy Blast Party.
    60 minutes ride time. = $300.00
    30 minutes ride time. = $150.00
  • 5 Buggy Blast Party.
    60 minutes ride time. = $375.00
    30 minutes ride time. = $187.00
  • ________________________________________________________


  • Parties may add an extra 30 min pavilion time for $25.00.
  • Simply reply to your confirmation email after booking your party if you would like to add the upgrade to your party.



    A 30% Non-refundable partial payment is required to reserve a birthday party online or via email request.

    Remaining balance due upon arrival on party day. Cash or credit accepted for remaining balance on ride day.

  • The partial payment amount is not refundable due to a cancellation.
  • A Baja credit voucher that never expires with a value of the total partial payment amount is issued due to a cancellation and is valid on any ride time purchase.
  • Two ways to receive a Baja credit voucher with the total partial payment amount.

  • Canceling a reservation.
  • Bad Weather conditions which are unsafe to operate.

  • Usually we are able to operate in the rain and have a fun and wet mud day.
  • Occasionally if the rain is too heavy all day long non-stop, or too much lightning or extreme weather conditions require us to reschedule for safety.
  • Birthday parties may reschedule to anytime that is available or request a Baja credit voucher with the partial payment amount.
  • ________________________________________________________


  • The best way to book a birthday is online, Make a Reservation, Click Here!.
  • -or-

  • Ask questions about and reserve a birthday party via email.
  • Please include in the email

  • Your name, phone, Est. # of drivers and passengers.
  • After referring to the Calendar of Availability to see what times are currently available, let us know what time you prefer.
  • Which party option you would like to choose.
  • You will receive an email from PayPal with a link to pay the deposit which may go into your spam box.

  • Remaining balance due upon arrival on party day. We accept cash and credit on party day.