Party Invitations


Request a complimentary Baja Birthday Party Invitation with the steps below. View a sample invitation sample below.

We recommend if you use your own invitation to include on the invitation a What to Wear note to inform guests to wear play clothes that are allowed to get dirty and a change of clothes and towel in case a Florida rain shower pops up during the party.

Reply to your confirmation email after booking with the info below.
Email Us:

    1.) Birthday Party Boy/Girl name.

    2.) Age turning.

    3.) RSVP Name and phone number.

    4.) Choose an email or text message version

The invitation is sent to your email or phone number within 24hrs.

Once you receive the email version of the invitation simply forward it to the guests you would like to invite.
Once you receive the text message version of the invitation copy it from your text and paste the invitation to a new text to send to family and friends.